Police K-9 Saluted as he Makes his Final Journey to Animal Hospital

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Photo Credit: Old Colony Memorial Facebook Page

Saying goodbye to a dog is never easy, especially when they are young. For Plymouth Police Officer Jamie Lebretton saying goodbye to his partner Kaiser was extremely difficult.

Kaiser was only two-years-old, but severe kidney disease took its toll and Lebretton had to make the difficult decision to put Kaiser out of his pain. After consulting with Kaiser’s veterinarian, trainer and his family Lebretton knew he had to say goodbye.

On Friday, as Kaiser took his final journey to the veterinarian, Plymouth Police Officers lined up to salute Kaiser as Lebretton walked him inside. Kaiser was then laid to rest at the Angel View Pet Cemetery in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

Kaiser joined the police force in 2011 when he was only five-months-old. Although his time was short with the force, Lebretton says Kaiser had an important impact on the force. For Lebretton the time he spent with Kaiser is something he will never forget.

“RIP my boy. I could not have asked for a better partner or friend,” Lebretton wrote on the Plymouth Police Working Dog Foundation’s Facebook page. “May you rest easy and wait for me at that sacred bridge. I will be there my friend. I will be there. I will never forget your accomplishments. You made me a better person, a better handler and a better cop. Till we meet again kai. I love you and miss you daily.”

5 thoughts on “Police K-9 Saluted as he Makes his Final Journey to Animal Hospital”

  1. If kai could walk there, surely he could have made it with more care … i may be completely wrong here, but i find people give up so easily…

  2. Anonymous, I know why you think this, and occasionally it is true,but if you look at the breed involved, they are very stoic and will be even more so being as he is a police K9,thus he is able to still manage to walk. If you look closely at the picture, at the the leg positions and the posture of the dog it is clearly evident of the dog’s greatly state of poor health and how weak he is. Yes, dogs can be treated who are in kidney failure. Depending on the level of failure and cause it can be fluids and Vit K shots to boost their feeling OK and be a palliative measure. Sometimes medication, fluids and time can help take the animal out of kidney failure. This dog has started to show obvious sign of wasting, toxins are flooding his body, to let him endure this any longer would be selfish. I commend the Police Officer for doing the humane thing for his Partner’s best interest.

    • I had a young dog with kidney disease which did not show up until he was full grown. He got sick and that’s when I found that while his body had developed his kidneys had not developed with it. I took him to a state vet hospital before making the painful decision to put him down. I will never get over that and commend the officer for doing the right thing. Just because the dog could walk that one last time, doesn’t mean he would have made it or that he wasn’t sick. RIP Kaiser. Say hello to Rudy.

  3. Probably one of the hardest thing I have ever done is to make the dision to put down my best buddy, and Im sure that the vet was able to help decide it had to be done, I commend the officer for making one of the hardest dision one will ever make.

  4. I also had to make the decision 8 months ago to put my beloved little girl to rest. She was so young (few days before her 4th birthday) but she was in a lot of pain. Letting her suffer with a slender hope of recovery would have been selfish. RIP Kaiser, say hi to Skye for me tell her, her mommy and daddy will see her soon


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