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Police Officer Adopts Abused Dog She Helped Save

by Katherine

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On Nov. 1, 2013, police officers in Palafrugell, Spain, received a call from a concerned citizen who witnessed a man stabbing a dog. It was 2:00 a.m. when officers arrived at the scene, they found a man covered in blood and with a knife in his pocket. The hurt animal was nowhere to be found.

Luckily, Officer Lorena Morillas who is an avid animal lover was one of the officers responding the call. Morillas along her partner decided to look for the animal and help it however they could.

Officer Lorena Morillas and Thor. Photo Credit: Marina Lopez/CAN
Officer Lorena Morillas and Thor. Photo Credit: Marina Lopez/CAN

It wasn’t until late that night that the officers found the dog. They saw a trail of blood and followed it until the hero cops found the 2-year-old, black Labrador on the ground.

The officers moved cautiously, thinking the dog would attack them, but as soon as the pet saw the officers he allowed the officers to approach him.

“I think the dog knew we were there to save his live,” said Morillas.

The officers took the dog to a vet and learned the pet had been stabbed six times. The canine had also a collapsed lung.

“When we arrived at the clinic I told myself that if the dog survived, I would keep him,” said Morillas. “I didn’t want him to go back to his abusive owner.”

The black Labrador was named Thor. He survived the abuse and after spending 12 days at vet clinic, Thor was free to go home with Morillas.

Thor is a perfect fit with Morillas and her family. At first Thor seemed a bit scared of everything, but with time and love he evolved to a loving, trusting dog.

Morillas, her boyfriend and Audry, the couple’s other rescue pet, are extremely happy to have Thor as part of their family.

As for the animal abuser, he denied hurting the pet, but charges were pressed and his case is still pending.