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Firefighters Rescue Dirty White Dog from Sewer

by Katherine

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In Mexico it is very common to see many stray dogs roaming the streets, what is not so common is to encounter a pet trapped in a sewer.

White dog rescued from sewer.
White dog rescued from sewer.

On Nov. 29, 2013, local residents walking down Insurgentes Sur Ave, heard a barking dog, but no one could determine where the animal sounds were coming from. A couple grew worried about the dog barks and decided to investigate. That’s when they discovered a small, white pet, trapped down a sewer drain.

The couple called authorities, and local firefighters were dispatched to the scene. The hero rescuers stopped traffic, opened the sewer drain and rescued the dog.

It appeared the dog had been trapped in the drain for some days, but nevertheless, the canine was happy to be let out of the smelly dungeon.

Local animal organization, PerrosPerdidosMX, recorded the rescue mission and posted the video on their Facebook wall. They hope their post helps reunite the dog with its rightful owners.

Until today various animal lovers have shown interest in adopting the pet, but the organization hopes the original owners claim the dog.