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Police Officer Rescues Dog Trapped in Wire Fence

by Katherine

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We love to see and read stories portraying compassionate police officers that not only risk their lives for our safety but also for the safety of our pets.

In 2010, Nick Sheppard, a Plattsburg, Mo. Police Officer, responded to a distress call regarding a canine trapped in a fence.

When the officer arrived on the property he found a dog hanging upside down with one of his hind legs caught on the chicken wire fence.

The pet was scared and whining, yet it wagged its tail showing the office he was happy help had finally arrived.

The owner of the property was who reported the animal in need. She handed the officer pliers to free the canine.

Once free, the dog ran off the property and the officer had to go after him.

Not knowing where the dog had run to, the officer headed back to his patrol car when he was surprised to find a new an unusual driver. The dog he had just rescued from the fence was sitting and smiling in the patrol car.

See the original post on Plattsburg Police Department’s Facebook page.