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Police Officer Saves Dog Injured Protecting People During Shootout

by Melanie

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11.20.13 - Officer Saves Dog Saves People1

A homeless dog is recovering thanks to a police officer who refused to let her die after she defended a group of people from a pair of gunmen.

Two men opened fire in a Miami neighborhood at 27-year-old Pedro Nunez and his friends outside of his grandmother’s home. He was injured, and 16-year-old Emaiyne Pittman was killed.

A homeless dog, called Princess Coco Wing, was on a walk with Dorothy Edwards’ son when shots rang out. She says that more people likely would have been injured or died if the dog hadn’t attacked one of the shooters.

“To me that dog was a hero for my son, because he saved my son’s and Pedro’s life,” Edwards said. “If [s]he wouldn’t have attacked him he probably would’ve continued to shoot at him.”

Princess was critically injured during her brave defense, and a homeless dog in her condition would typically be taken by animal control to be euthanized. But Sgt. Garret Wing refused to give up on her, and gave her the K-9 treatment.

11.20.13 - Officer Saves Dog Saves People2

“She’s got a real puppy face and basically to me it looked like a puppy just left alone and dying in the bushes,” he said.

He picked her up and gently wrapped her in a towel, and transported her to Knowles Animal Clinic, where police K-9s are cared for. Princess’ femur and elbow were shattered, and she underwent a five-hour surgery that left her encased in casts. But her tail was still wagging when her hero, Sgt. Wing, came to visit.

“She couldn’t be any sweeter and she’s still in pain,” he said. “She must have been looking right at the gunman. And he must have fired at least the one bullet but maybe two directly at her.”

The shooters and the reason for the shootout is unknown, but police are investigating. A fundraiser is in the works for Princess’ medical treatment. Information on how to donate can be ascertained by visiting Knowles Animal Clinic.

Princess, who lived on the streets and relied on kind neighbors to feed her scraps, is now being fostered by Sgt. Wing until she recovers. He has three dogs already, but knows that several people are already hoping to adopt the heroic girl.