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Police Officers Save the Life of Dog Struck by Car

by Melanie

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Two Michigan police officers went beyond their call of duty when they found an injured dog on the side of the road and rushed him to a veterinarian’s office, which saved his life.

Saginaw Township police officers Beth Collison and Brent Pinter were on duty when they found three-year-old German shepherd – Malamute mix Sam lying in the grass. He was soaked and injured, so they formed a stretcher for him using a raincoat and carefully loaded him into the back of their cruiser.

Dr. Tina Roggenbeck, of Veterinary Health Center, was just about to leave for the day when the officers pulled up with Sam. She helped bring him inside, and along with other staff, began an examination on him.

Sam, who could not stand on his own, was given painkillers and taken for X-rays. Orthopedic veterinarian Dr. John Gumbs determined that the poor dog had a fractured pelvis and other issues. It is believed Sam was struck by a car, and thanks to medical care, will recover with several weeks of rest.

When owner Kim Scioli noticed Sam was missing, she got a “sinking feeling” in her stomach. She had been driving around the area looking for him for a couple of hours when she received the call that Sam had been found. Though he was wounded, the relief she felt was overwhelming.

“[Sam is] a part of the family, even though he drives us crazy,” she said. “I’m glad that we just get to bring him home.”

Dr. Roggenbeck said Sam required immediate help, and thanked the officers for their expeditiousness.

“I’ve seen several come in here, and it doesn’t turn out as well,” she said, and added that she believes Officers Collison and Pinter went out of their way to make sure Sam was safe.

“It would have been very easy for them to call animal control instead of bringing him here,” she said. “They saved his life. I’m super thankful they were the ones responding.”