Police Renege on Vet Bill After Shooting Family’s Dog

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A family in El Monte, California is incensed at their local police after they went back on their word to cover veterinary treatment after shooting the family’s German shepherd.

The Nguyens had called police to report that their 14-year-old son had run away. They asked police to call before arriving so they could make sure their dogs were safely secured. Two officers arrived to the house sometime later, without calling first, and entered the property, clearly marked with a “Beware of Dog” sign.

Security camera footage, set up by father Chi Nguyen, shows that police left the gate open and just walked into the house. One of the officers pet Rascal the pit bull, and went back to close the gate before the dogs got out.

German shepherd Kiki came bolting up toward the gate, then darted back toward the house when she was shot.

Police thought the dog was attacking, so she shot,” Chi said with the translation by son Winston.

Police offered to pay for Kiki’s medical treatment, but withdrew their offer when they were told it would cost $7,000 to treat the gunshot wound they inflicted. The family was then forced to put Kiki to sleep because they could not afford the cost.

The incident is being treated as an officer-involved shooting and is under investigation,” a city spokesperson said in a statement. “As such, the city cannot comment on this matter.”

The family is incredibly upset with the officer’s actions and lack of integrity on the part of the the department.

Incidentally, their missing son was located at a friend’s house.

If you would like more information, please contact the El Monte Police Department at:




11333 Valley Blvd

El Monte, CA 91731


Phone: (626) 580-2100

Fax: (626) 580-2196

Email: [email protected]



15 thoughts on “Police Renege on Vet Bill After Shooting Family’s Dog”

  1. If they cant get criminal charges filed, sue the department for as much as you can get. Plaster the story all over FB and social media with the name of the officer, picture if you have it, and the police department. Include a picture of the dog as well.

    Some of these police think they can do anything they please and lately that has involved a lot of animals getting killed. Their dept and fellow officers cover for them. What can we as ordinary folks do? Get the word out – shame and harassment until these policies change.

  2. Suing when you can’t afford the 7 grand in vet bills probably won’t be possible. How about pushing for legislation like what was recently passed in Colorado? Officers NEED to be educated. Lethal force needs to be the LAST option,not the first….surely she was carrying pepper spray. We aren’t talking about a life threatening emergency call…
    I am not excusing or dismissing this at all. A number of insanely stupid mistakes took place. Officers need to learn how to read dog behavior and be given options.

  3. I find most cops have far to big heads to be effective as true peace officers. They are hired for the bully trait they have so they can bully little old ladies like me and get away with pulling guns anytime they feel the need to shoot anything innocent. Great going guys, I hope you rot in hell!!


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