Dog Survives Throw from Bridge and Is Available for Adoption

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A beagle mix has survived being flung off the Alfred A. Cunningham Bridge in North Carolina and will soon be available for adoption, as will the dog that was tagging along with her.

Samuel Drew was arrested and faces a felony animal cruelty charge after he threw the dog over the bridge and into the water below. He claims the stray dog was following him and “got in the way.” A pit bull mix who had also been hanging around narrowly avoided the same treatment. Drew attempted to lob him over the bridge as well, but luckily the dog fled to a nearby Outback Steakhouse.

I know he might have been afraid, but I think he could have found another way to handle the situation without throwing the poor animal in the water,” said Arapahoe resident Grace Hudson.



The beagle survived by swimming toward some docks, where she was rescued and brought aboard a boat. She bit one of her heroes as she was being pulled up, but the good Samaritan was unfazed by the terrified dog’s behavior. According to Trinity Smith, Animal Control Supervisor for the Craven County Animal Shelter, the poor girl was so agitated that she had to be tranquilized by an officer once on land.

The pup was named Dara after American Olympic swimmer and medalist Dara Torres. Her companion, who is very friendly and came running when called by an officer, is being called River.

Because Dara did bite someone, she was placed on a 10-day quarantine.

When she first came in, she was very withdrawn,” Smith said. “We couldn’t go near her, you couldn’t touch her. But you can’t blame her.”

But Crystal Gruber, one of the shelter’s handlers, says that Dara has warmed up quite a bit. When she was brought out of quarantine for awhile, she even offered up her belly to Gruber and Smith, an act of trust and good faith.

No one has stepped forward to claim either dog, and once Dara’s quarantine is up, she and River will be taken to Saving Grace, a dog rescue organization in Wake Forest. They will be spayed and neutered, and unless a someone comes forward with proof of ownership, both will be available for adoption.

Trinity Smith (left) and Crystal Gruber give Dara some lovin’.




6 thoughts on “Dog Survives Throw from Bridge and Is Available for Adoption”

  1. how “terrified” could that piece of pus be if he was able to get close enough to grab the dog?

    that poor beagle – beagles are one of the most loving and trusting breeds going and to have her faith in humans shattered like that must have been beyond “traumatizing”. i’m glad they didn’t just put her down as “vicious”. it’s really nice to see ppl getting it together when it comes to dogs and how they behave when under stress levels that would completely disintegrate a human.

  2. so felony animal cruelty..what sentence will he get?nothing too bad i’m sure. animals are for man to mistreat without penalty6

  3. BS he was afraid. I work with dogs and see people who are afraid all the time. They back away, act fearful and don’t touch the dog. They don’t act aggressively, pick up the dogs and throw them. There is no excuse for this piece of trash’s actions. He’s a jerk who deserves to be thrown in jail for a very long time.

    • If I lived in North Carolina, I would so adopt these dogs. They deserve to be kept together through thick and thin! Lets keep our faith that for every bad person out there in this world, there are 10 good people! Calgary, Alberta CANADA

  4. I don’t read where the guy said he was “affraid” of the dogs, it says they were “in the way.” With what? You walking to your next drug score? what a piece of shit.

    Someone ought to throw you off the Royal Gorge because you are a waste to society.


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