Police Rescue Dog Left Abandoned In A Car For Up To Six Days

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A dog spent up to six days trapped inside a car without food and water before he was rescued by the Seattle Police Department on Sunday.

Security guards spotted a pug-beagle mix frightened and shaking inside the back of a car early Sunday morning and called 911 for help. One of the guards told the police that he believes the car had been parked in the same spot for over six days.

The owner of the car was unknown as it had been recently sold to a new unlisted owner. Police called for a tow truck and rescued the dog from the car. The security officers gave the dog food and water before she was handed over to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

The dog, named Zipper, was apparently in the care of the owner’s boyfriend. The owner is out of state currently. At this time there are no charges pending against the individual who left Zipper in the car.

0 thoughts on “Police Rescue Dog Left Abandoned In A Car For Up To Six Days”

  1. Time for this abandoned dog to go to a new home with responsible owners, she has clearly earned this right after her ordeal.

  2. R U Kidding me!!! They are going to give this poor dog back to that MORON??? C’mon Seattle PD!! WTH? That’s BS!!!

  3. Not charging with animal neglect at the very least is wrong. Returning the dog to the boyfriend who obviously doesn’t like or want to take of the dog is wrong. Wake up Seattle!!! And to the dogs owner – break up with this jerk asap!

  4. The boyfriend should be locked in the car for 6 days with no food and water. Preferably during the summer months.

  5. Seattle PD – WAKE UP !
    It’s called animal abuse – in civilised countries it it illegal – why not in Seattle?

  6. In Sweden You would never get Your Dog back after doing a thing like this! 🙁 Poor little Doggy!!!…


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