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Police Rescue Muddy Dogs and Take Them Back Home

by Katherine

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Two dogs from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, were rescued by a police officer and a local woman on October 29, 2013. This, after the dogs were belly-deep trapped in mud.

The dogs, a GSD and a lab mix, were running along Lake Hopatcong near Hudson Avenue. The lake had been drained five feet to allow residents to make dock repairs, but while the lake was drained, the shallow areas were covered in a dense, thick mud.

Muddy, rescued dogs. Photo Credit: Hopatcong Police
Muddy, rescued dogs. Photo Credit: Hopatcong Police

Hopatcong Officer Christopher Lotito arrived at the lake and saw both canines submerged in the mud. One of the pets was trapped so deep, the mud level reached its jaw line.

The officer was able to get the dogs out of the mud, but once they were free, the pets ran along the lake and the officer had no way to contain them.

Christine Milcheck, a local resident, gave the officer two leashes, and thanks to her actions the pets were secured.

The dogs made a short visit to the police station and Officer Lolito learned the two mischievous dogs had gotten loose from their owner’s back yard. The dogs’ owner is an elderly woman, unable to drive due to a medical condition, and since she couldn’t drive to claim her dogs Officer Lolito escorted the muddy pets back home.

The dogs had a fun day playing in the mud but they were in need of a good bath after their romp in the lake.