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Police Searching for Person who Cut Off The Ears of an 8-Week-Old Puppy


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vangoghAuthorities in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania re looking for the person responsible for cutting the ears off an 8-week-old pit bull puppy and then abandoning it under a bridge.

A woman found the puppy under the 69th Street Bridge on Wednesday and took him to the Stoney Creek Veterinarian Hospital. Without the woman’s help the puppy may not have survived much longer.

“With him being so young, and getting so cold and getting weaker, it would have been a matter of hours, “said Dr. Kelly Slattery.

When Dr. Slattery first saw the puppy he was crying and anemic from the amount of blood he had lost. Dr. Slattery gave the puppy injections for the pain and closed up the wounds. Authorities believe the 8-week-old puppy, which rescuers have named Van Gogh, was being raised for fighting.

“This was done with no pain medication, no anesthesia, he was likely held down while it was done,” said Dr. Kelly Slattery. “To do this to a dog, especially so young, it’s very disheartening.”

Van Gogh did not suffer any hearing loss from the trauma to his ears and within a few days he was showing significant improvement as he ran around and played like a typical puppy. Van Gogh will continue to recover at Stoney Creek Hospital for another ten days and he then will be looking for a good home.