Police Seek Dog Dumping Shelter Burglar

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Jackson, TN. police say they believe the same man who robbed a kennel last week could also be guilty of a horrible case of animal cruelty.

Kennel workers arrived to find a severely emaciated dog left outside the K-Nine Kennel on Whitehall Street – before entering the building to find that it had been burglarized. The dog, now in the care of the Humane Society, was so frail that it could not move.

Police say the perpetrator likely showed up to dump the dog and noticed nobody was at the shelter, prompting a “crime of opportunity.” The suspect is described as a tall, slender African-American male between 25 and 30-years-old. He was driving driving an older model, burgundy Pontiac Grand Prix.

The Jackson Police Department are asking anyone with information about the crime or the dog to call them at at (731) 425-8400: leave an anonymous tip by calling CrimeStoppers at (731) 424-TIPS.

11 thoughts on “Police Seek Dog Dumping Shelter Burglar”

  1. i am trying my best to keep my 22 yr old cockatiel alive.. he on his way out im soo sad my friend is leaving .. how the hell can people be sooo cruel ..i cant understand . is there cruelty gene some have and others dont!!!!!!! please god may the dog be ok x

  2. He looks as bad as that brown pit bull that lady threw down the trash chute in NY. I thought that dog was a mummy when I saw the pic. I hope this guy can be helped.

  3. So sad. I hope they catch him, the perpetrator, starve him & leave him outside to die. Punishment for these kind of crimes is not severe enough, in my opinion. Bless this poor dog & all other defenseless animals that are not cared for & loved, as they should be.
    Not everyone should have pets. Enough said.

  4. soo sad gust ceen it 2 night i lost my lovely dog rocky in december i still think of him every day he was nearly 🙁 16 years old when he passed away


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