Police Arrest Suspect After 4 Dogs Die in 80 mph Hit and Run

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The California Highway Patrol is asking for help from the public to identify the driver responsible for killing four dogs and injuring their owners in an 80 mile per hour hit and run accident.

Update (7/19/12): Police have arrested Paul William Walden, 31, of North Highlands. He was pulled over for driving erratically last night by CHP officers. He was driving a 1987 Nissan Maxima that police say matched the description of the vehicle that hit Gemily West, 23, Harison Long-Randall, 21, and killed their four dogs.

Walden was booked into the Sacramento County Jail, charged with two felony hit-and-run counts, four counts of felony animal cruelty, driving under the influence and driving without a license. He has been arrested three times for driving under the influence since 2001.

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Zury, Winry, Evie and Bindie were killed Monday night in Carmichael, California, when a car heading southbound on Garfield lost control and ran them over. The vehicle is described as a 1986 or 1987 Nissan Maxima or Stanza that investigators say is a metallic light brown color.

The CHP is asking anyone with information regarding the crash to call them at (916) 338-6710 during business hours or (916) 861-1300 after hours.

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  1. This is tragic – so many losses, so much pain and sorrow. I wish the young couple a very speedy recovery and when the time is right, to find more best friends to bring home. They are waiting for you.

    The culprit will rot in hell.

  2. Could just have easily been four children crossing the street or riding bikes. I hope the dogs suffering and death was not in vain and this thoughtless soulless selfish man will be punished severely.

  3. How many times will it take for the cops to realize this guy is just a terrible human being? I had a guy break into my new car just one week after I got it (this was 6 years ago) and the cop tells me it’s the ELEVENTH time he’d done that. A break-in is no DUI. Let’s throw this guy on a deserted island and see how he fares.


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