Police Taser Stray Dog and Animal Rescuers Step In to Help Pet

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A concerned homeowner in the Fletcher Hills community of El Cajon, Calif, saw a loose female lab-terrier mix running the streets on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013, and called rescue organizations to help rescue the pet. The dog had been frequenting the neighborhood for about a week and no one had been able to capture her. El Cajon Police and Animal Control came to assist the dog’s capture, but unfortunately police inhumanly used mace and a taser to control the loose pup. Instead of helping, authorities frightened and hurt the stray animal even more.

Grace after capture. Photo Credit: NBC San Diego
Grace after capture. Photo Credit: NBC San Diego

Police said they used appropriate force because the dog became aggressive and tried to attack them, but neighbors and Rebecca Stevens with the rescue organization Four Paws Coonhound Rescue, witnessed how the dog cried and stumbled in pain before getting away with darts embedded in her body.

“I feel as though I failed her,” Stevens told NBC San Diego. “It’s incredibly upsetting to me. I wish I hadn’t called authorities.”

Four days later Stevens was able to capture the elusive dog using pieces of chicken, hot dogs, and a humane trap.

The dog, now named Grace, was capture in Santee, Calif., three miles away from where she was initially maced and tasered.

Rebecca Stevens shows Grace some affection. Photo Credit: CBS 8 News
Rebecca Stevens shows Grace some affection. Photo Credit: CBS 8 News

Fortunately for Grace, the darts had fallen off her body when found days later. She was taken to San Diego Department of Animal Services and the veterinarian who examined her said she had not suffered any injuries other than a torn nail.

Grace was still skittish of humans, but rescuers hope that with love and training she would be able to trust people again.

There was no micro chip implanted and Stevens placed a hold on Grace to take her in to her rescue for rehabilitation and to get her ready for adoption.

Grace was scheduled to be spayed on Oct. 24, afterwards she was free to go to Four Paws Coonhound Rescue with Stevens.

If interested in learning more about Grace and possibly adopt her, contact Four Paws Coonhound Rescue.


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