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PooTrap: The Friendly Alternative to Pooper Scoopers? Um…

by Adrea

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Not entirely certain what to say about this, except that if something looks too good to be true, maybe it is.  Granted, no one “really” likes to pick up their dog’s poop, but it is part of being a responsible pet owner.  Poop happens.  Period.

Enter the PooTrap, which came out years ago, but is resurfacing, once again, in large part due to social media.  You know, everything old is new again. So some very brave consumers thought to test it out with interesting results:

If you are seeking an alternative, perhaps this is an option. Or not.

Bottom line is, whether you choose to use an apparatus of some type to manage your pooch’s poop extraction or go the manual route, the important part is that you do manage your pet’s potties for everyone’s good.