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Protect Your Dog from Heat Stress

by Shawn Finch, DVM

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Summer is upon us.  The heat of summer can be fatal to a dog.  Heat stress is not always reversible, but it is ALWAYS preventable.

Bailey Puppy Gets a Drink in the Shade

May no dog ever suffer heat stress again, and for goodness sake, may no dog ever again die from the effects of heat stress.  The best we can do is protect our own pets and those in our communities…and spread the word.

Dogs are not safe alone in cars in the summer.

Even in mild weather.  Even with the windows down.  Even for a short time.  Leave them at home or leave an adult in the car with them who can get out of the car with them when it gets too hot.  It will.

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Run, walk and exercise in the cool of the day, if at all.  Stop if your dog is tired.

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Always check the pavement with your bare hand or foot before asking your dog to walk on it.

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You are awesome.  I know you know all of this.  Not everyone does though, so please do the same thing I see so many of you do online and in Real Life every summer – make sure other dog lovers are being safe with their canine friends too.  I really do hope that one day heat stress will be a condition of the past.  I believe we are getting close, and we are the keys to getting us the rest of the way there.

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Wishing you and your dogs a very fun, safe summer!