Protesters Urge Ban on Gas Chambers

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fairfield county dog shelter
Protestors urge commissioners in Lancaster, PA, to ban gas chambers.

In Lancaster, PA, more than 100 protestors showed up at the courthouse with picket signs and their dogs. They were calling for an end to the city’s inhumane use of the gas chamber as a way of euthanizing dogs. The pain the dogs endure in the gas chambers is excruciating and agonizing. Protestors told commissioners that lethal injection is a more humane method of euthanization.

During the meeting, protestors spoke against the use of the gas chamber. Janice Kobi, president and found of Fairfield County Cares, said, “We reported the abuse to you years ago, and nothing has been done. Gassing dogs should end today.” A representative from the Humane Society of the United States said the HSUS would cover the costs of training and setup for the shelter staff.

Fairfield County Commissioner Steve Davis urged fellow commissioners Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe to vote on this issue in two weeks. Both Kiger and Shupe thought that should be doable but Shupe thinks it might take more time than that based on information they were receiving.

Reed Bailey, a Democrat opposing Davis in the upcoming November election, stated, “We want to live here and be proud of our county,” and that the way the county was euthanizing dogs now is a disgrace to the county.