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PUPDATE! Sailor Reunites With Dog, Pit Bull Overjoyed

by Amy Drew

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Back in April, we shared with you the sweet sounds of 8-year-old Anna Masusock as she serenaded Laila, a pittie whose owner was serving overseas in the Navy.

This month, we’re happy to bring you this new video of Laila — bouncing off the walls with crazy, pittie happiness — as she realizes here mom is home!

Second-Class Petty Officer Christina Baez was reunited with Laila yesterday after a yearlong stint.

The Masusock family fostered Laila for Baez, who serves in the Navy, through PACT for Animals, an organization which allows families to foster pets for people who are deployed overseas or unexpectedly hospitalized.

“With PACT, you become a family,” Donna Masusock told “Laila’s like a family member, I’m even friends with Christina’s family on Facebook.”

It was not their first time fostering a dog for PACT, but Masusock noted Laila “was the most laid back dog we’ve ever had.”

“You’re fostering so they don’t have to go to a shelter,” she added. “If it wasn’t for PACT, Christina would’ve lost Laila.”

Check out the video as Laila gets progressively more excited. It’s heartwarming to be sure.