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Hike Doggie Hauls Your Mutt to the Mountains

by Amy Drew

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Photo: Seth A. McConnell/YourHub ----------------------------------
Photo: Seth A. McConnell/YourHub

Colorado dogs, much like many Colorado people, are leveled-up when it comes to fitness and the great outdoors. So it’s not surprising that for some folks, simple “doggie daycare” providers aren’t enough for their special pets.

Enter Hike Doggie, a company that’s happy to take your pooch out for a leash-walked mountain adventure on the days you’re leashed to your desk at the office. Founded in Golden, CO, the company now services Denver and Boulder, as well, cities where people “love their dogs like their own kids and want to give them an awesome day when they can,” said co-founder Kath Allen, in a piece for Reading Eagle.

“We take dogs out in the mountains and have an amazing day when their parents can’t,” she recently told Denver’s FOX31.

She and her two co-founders are lifelong dog lovers; their mission: a top outdoor experience for your pet.

It’s top-shelf from the get-go, as clients are picked up from home and shuttled in their very own specially equipped van they call the Hike Bus.

“It’s a super sweet ride. We have an AC unit in the back to keep all the dogs nice and cool in the summer, heating in the winter when it gets a little cold,” co-founder Stephen Hillen said.

The company offers three levels of hiking: Stroll-N-Sniff (for older dogs or those who like to take their time), Carefree Jaunt (for bouncy types out for fun) and Leg It Out! (for pooches with serious energy to burn).

“This is exciting. This gets them out. They’re so pumped up. This is like new things to pee on, new things to smell. They’ve never been there with their pals, it’s totally different,” Allen said.

After the two-hour hike, at the end of the day, you will most likely find your dog is dog tired.

“Your dogs are tired, they’re very healthy, they’re exhausted,” said Allen.