Puppies Playing with Cheap but Fun Chew Toy

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Puppies don’t need expensive toys to have fun, sometimes all it takes is a cheap toy to chew on. Watch these puppies play with a tissue paper roll mount.

9 thoughts on “Puppies Playing with Cheap but Fun Chew Toy”

  1. Try an empty (rinsed out) Yoplait container. It smells tasty, and rolls unpredictably across the floor because it is shaped like a cone. And it makes crackly sounds when you bite it. All my dogs have enjoyed them, and, yes, pulled them out of the trash can.

  2. Toilet rolls rule with my dogs and sticks. As a result between the two dogs only one pair of shoes went to puppy mania.

  3. Poly pipe gives the dogs here hours of fun also a old cardboard box the play tug of war with their old bed blanket and chew on a old rubber thong


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