Puppies Rescued from Attic of Abandoned Detroit Home

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If you’ve ever been in an attic on a hot summer day, you know how unbearable it can be. Imagine what it must have felt like for four tiny puppies left in an abandoned home in Detroit.

With no mother in sight, it’s a mystery how these pups got into this predicament and how they were still alive. Thankfully, someone heard them and called the Michigan Humane Society.

After searching the house, MHS Rescue Officers found the little puppies hiding under insulation up in the rafters in the attic. Warm to the touch and looking dehydrated, it was clear that these puppies needed help.

Once at the shelter, they were seen by an MHS veterinarian and given the medications and care they so desperately needed.

Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon are now happy and healthy, and have found their forever homes.

The officers frequently get calls about dogs living or trapped in abandoned homes in Detroit.

Watch the rescue, in a video posted by MHS earlier this summer:

53 thoughts on “Puppies Rescued from Attic of Abandoned Detroit Home”

  1. Local officials need to demolish these abandoned structures. They are a danger to all living things. Again, local politicians not doing their jobs. So glad the puppies were saved!

    • Watch the documentary “Burn”. While Detroit doesn’t have, to my knowledge, a policy of destroying abandoned houses YET, they DO have a policy of letting them burn to the ground when they catch fire. Less expensive than fighting them.

      • Detroiit DOES have a policy for destroying abandoned houses, it lacks the finances to do so, along with the policy of letting them burn. The brave firefighters work hard to save occupied and maintained homes.

    • I feel the same way as Lynn. Too many horror stories like this every single day. The laws regarding animal abuse need to be changed. Abuse an animal, go to jail! End of story. Who ever is responsible for leaving those pups behind need to be found and charged with animal abuse.
      I’m very grateful to the people who saved these poor pups. I hope they all find loving homes.

  2. Poor lil guys. I just can’t understand, why not take them to a shelter. Their are so many resources to so many rescue & shelters available. What is with the world that people lack compassion & brains??


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