Puppy and Kitten “Baby Shower” Held at Shelter in Florida Brings 52 Adoptions

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7.9.14 - Puppy and Kitten “Baby Shower” Held at Shelter in Florida Brings 52 Adoptions

At the Lake Animal Services shelter in Tavares, Florida an event staff called a puppy and kitten “baby shower” was held to help raise money, and to see how many adoptions they could achieve in one day.

At the event, residents from all over the area were invited to come down to the facility and interact with puppies and kittens, and also their older dogs and cats as well.  Those attending were encouraged to bring gifts for the animals at the shelter.  Some people brought dog and cat toys, treats and food, and there was even donations of scoop-able cat litter as well.

In total, people brought with them more than $2,000 worth food and supplies, much needed for the continuation of operation for the shelter.  There were also a total of 52 animals adopted out that day as well.  There were 24 puppies, five older dogs, 19 kittens and four older cats was the final breakdown for that day.

Taking the time to also talk to people about fostering opportunities was a big part of the event as well.  All of us have a local shelter, ASPCA, Humane Society, or any other manner of shelter organization somewhere near us, and they can always use our help.  Fostering can be a great way of bringing joy, love and a real sense of responsibility into someone’s life.  As always, when thinking about bringing a new, furry family member into your home, adoption is always the best way.  There are always tons of really great dogs and cats of all ages, shapes, sizes and breeds available at your local shelter, looking for that loving forever home.

If you’re in the Tavares area, and are looking for more information on adoptions or how to become a foster parent you can check out the Lake Animal Services website at www.lakecountyfl.gov/adopt