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Puppy Discovers 7-Year-Old is Diabetic


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dreyA young boy in Jasper, Texas was volunteering to help socialize puppies who are training to be diabetic alert dogs when one of the dogs made a discovery no one knew.

Kenyatta Carter’s 7-year-old son had been volunteering for the past few weeks with “Drey’s Alert Dogs.” The puppies are being trained to paw at a diabetic person when they can smell that their blood sugar is below 80 or above 180. Carter’s son is among a group of volunteers helping to socialize the puppies as they are trained.

Earlier this week one of the puppies started alerting that something wasn’t right with Carter’s son. It turned out the puppy was right; even though he hadn’t been diagnosed and no one was aware Carter’s son was in fact diabetic.

“If we wouldn’t have been her I probably never would’ve known that he was a diabetic,” said Carter.