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Puppy Dog Desperately Needs Surgery

by Melanie

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9.2515. - Bella Needs Surgery1


Bella is not even two years old, and both of her back knees are blown out.  Her owner loves her to bits, and is distraught knowing that her baby will never be able to walk again or not be in pain without surgery.  Every dollar adds up – please help if you can.

Shannon Box adopted Bella when she was three months old, and the two have been bonded like Gorilla glue ever since.

Bella blew out one knee slipping on wet grass, and the other when she slipped on a blanket that fell on the floor.  She is a very happy-go-lucky dog, so not being able to romp about is frustrating.


9.2515. - Bella Needs Surgery2


Shannon does have insurance for Bella, but the policy will not cover this surgery, and she does not have enough money to pay for it all herself.  She hates to have to ask complete strangers for help, but has nowhere to turn.

This is an especially difficult time for both Shannon and Bella, as Bella’s big brother just died of cancer two months ago.

Any contribution made would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate, please click here.


9.2515. - Bella Needs Surgery3