Puppy found on fire making improvements in his recovery

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Police in Buffalo, New York are investigating the discovery of a Jack Russell Terrier found on fire Monday night. The puppy, which veterinarians believe is 16-weeks-old, was taken to the animal hospital where he has shown signs of improvement since Monday. The hospital, which has named the dog Phoenix, is not sure if he will make a full recovery.

Mary Baldwin though what she saw outside her kitchen window Monday night was burning paper. Then she spotted paws and realized it was an animal. Baldwin quickly called 911. While she was calling for help she noticed a man that appeared to be trying to put the fire out. Baldwin couldn’t believe what she was seeing happening to this poor dog, “He probably wondered: What did I do to deserve this? What did I do,” said Baldwin.

Police, firefighters and animal control all responded to the scene and wrapped the Jack Russell Terrier puppy in a blanket and transported him to the Buffalo Small Animal Hospital. The veterinarians treating Phoenix smelled what they believe may be lighter fluid on the puppy. Phoenix has burns all over, with third degree burns over 30 percent of his body.

When he first arrived on Monday the animal hospital pumped Phoenix with fluids and pain killers. In addition to his singed fur, his lips were very swollen and he struggled to keep his puffy eyes open. “He’s obviously very critical, for the next 5-7 days. He does look better today and he’s eating food, so that’s a good sign,” said Dr. Rebecca Wagner. His eyes are also starting to look better. Phoenix is expected to survive, but it is unclear whether he will make a full recovery.

Baldwin is haunted by what she saw on Monday, “I will never, ever, as long as I live forget that.” The story of what happened to this puppy has brought in a flood of donations from the community. The animal hospital has received more than enough donations to cover Phoenix’s medical expenses, and will put any excess donations to help with future animals in need.

Authorities have not found an owner or any leads to who may have committed this horrible crime. Anyone with information is asked to call the police confidential tip line at (716)-847-2255.

11 thoughts on “Puppy found on fire making improvements in his recovery”

  1. I hope the monster who did this burns in hell. We have a 6months old Russell pup at home, and it pains me to think someone could do such a thing..I’m sure there will be many people happy to take him home, but just in case, he’s always welcomed to our pack if international travel is not out of the options 🙂

  2. No, and I repeat No animal deserves this treatment. I agree with the above comment that they find the monster who did this (and monster is too good of a name for this person). The kind of person who does this often goes on to try this on other human beings. My heart goes out to Phoenix and I know there are many loving people out there who would love to adopt him and show him what true love for animals is. Kudos to Mary Baldwin and the gentleman who gave assistance to this helpless dog.

  3. “He probably wondered: What did I do to deserve this? What did I do,” said Baldwin.”
    This is the worst part, he didn’t do anything at all to deserve it, he probably was so trusting of the scum that did this to him and the scum prayed on that. It makes me physically sick and I know your not supposed to think or say this but I really really do hope that who ever did this gets lit on fire and never gets put out.

  4. I hope this dog survives and finds the loving home he deserves. Words fail me as to how some sick evil humans can carry out such acts of violence. My heart goes out to Mary having seen this poor dog suffering. I have four dogs, three of which have been dumped, two at just four days old in a bag by a bin, don’t know how some people sleep at night, but I hope the evil sick shit responsible rots in hell, if they ever catch him, put them in a room of animal lovers, or better still set the bastard on fire.

  5. This is just terrible! I cannot even believe that there are people out there that would even think of doing something like this. I love this site, but it is so hard to read some of these stories. People that commit these abusive crimes towards animals get nothing close to what they deserve as punishment. This makes me so angry and sad!

  6. The P O S..t that did this needs to have his or her ass beat severly….After that a 10 year prison term should be added. There are a lot of animal lovers in prisons, and they could have a field day handleing this punk.
    Better still , let my dogs have him for 1 hour…..


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