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Puppy Found on Pile of Dead Siblings Rescued

by Adrea

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The short note posted by  on Imgur says it all:

“This little guy was thrown into the bush down a back road when he must of been about 2 weeks old along with 3 other siblings.Came across him in the middle of the road and got out my truck to investigate and he scurried off into the bushes , had a sneaky look and he was laying scared on top of his dead siblings to stay safe and warm 🙁 … took me two days to catch him ! he is now about 7-8 week and i rescued him at about 4 weeks … meet Pablo the survivor .”

“Thanks for saving it most people would turn a blind eye,” shared a respondent, with the poster adding, “Thanks ! Was the saddest thing I have seen to be honest.” 

And one of the nicest, is the kindness and generosity of Pablo’s new friend.