Puppy Found on Pile of Dead Siblings Rescued

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The short note posted by  on Imgur says it all:

“This little guy was thrown into the bush down a back road when he must of been about 2 weeks old along with 3 other siblings.Came across him in the middle of the road and got out my truck to investigate and he scurried off into the bushes , had a sneaky look and he was laying scared on top of his dead siblings to stay safe and warm 🙁 … took me two days to catch him ! he is now about 7-8 week and i rescued him at about 4 weeks … meet Pablo the survivor .”

“Thanks for saving it most people would turn a blind eye,” shared a respondent, with the poster adding, “Thanks ! Was the saddest thing I have seen to be honest.” 

And one of the nicest, is the kindness and generosity of Pablo’s new friend.

14 thoughts on “Puppy Found on Pile of Dead Siblings Rescued”

  1. Thank you for rescue of this precious pup. Let’s all work to make any abuse of any animal a serious felony!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you for rescuing this sweet little pup. The person or persons that murdered his siblings should be caught & punished severely.

  3. The penalties for animal abuse should be a lot tougher. I hope there’s a special place in hell for people who do what was done to Pablo and his siblings.

  4. Thank this guy. Pets have become disposal in the crappy economy. I have 2 dogs: almost 16 and 14. Over those years, we have gone through good times and bad times but could/would NEVER dispose of our fur babies. They are Family!!

  5. My neighbor has a wonderful dog that we let move back and forth between us. We say he has dual citizenship.
    He and several others of his litter were removed from a crack house just before the denizens drowned them. I can’t imagine drowning such an absolutely marvelous creature. Now he is my best friend. He is staying with me tonight. I’ve got to go now. He wants me to come kiss and brush him.


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