“Puppy” gets a new set of Wheels

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9.30.14 - “Puppy” gets a new set of Wheels

A dog that is simply named Puppy, is very loved by his humans, the Perez family from Miami Beach, Florida.  So when mobility started to become an issue for Puppy, the Perez family knew they had to do something to help their best mate out.

Eddie Perez said, “Puppy is like my brother.  I love him so much, I cannot measure the love I feel for Puppy, me and my family.  He is like the baby of the family.”

Puppy had been found last November and taken to a shelter by a Good Samaritan.  This person saw him wandering the streets alone, on two wheels and two legs.

According to Perez, “We moved to a new place, and the fence was broken, and we got him lost.  He got out, and all of a sudden someone found him and his wheelchair.  He was taken to the Humane Society.”

Puppy suffers from a spinal condition that has left his back legs paralyzed.  Perez put together a makeshift wheelchair to use, but it has become worn down over time, and often breaks down, making mobility even harder for the poor dog.

Perez knows just how important that piece of mobility is in Puppy’s life.

“This car is Puppy’s back legs.  Without this car, he will not be able to run or go around,” Perez said.

Well, Puppy will not have to contend with an older, and outdated homemade cart to get around.  Puppy’s got a brand new wheelchair.

Puppy is getting about much better with his shiny new pair of wheels.  The Perez family is very grateful for all of the help making sure their dog’s quality of life is the best it can possibly be.  They will not simply throw out Puppy’s older wheelchair.  Perez plans to fix it up a bit, and hold on to it.

Perez said, “This wheelchair you see right here, Puppy, we are not going to get rid of it.  We are going to have a backup, because if we ever see a dog that has a problem and needs a wheelchair, we will love to have it and pass it to that dog.”

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