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Puppy in Rehabilitation After Nearly Euthanized for Injuries


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ChanceWhen Chance, a 2.5 month old English Bulldog puppy, arrived at a California shelter with multiple broken bones, it seemed that he had irreversible damage and would be suffering intensely and so he was set for euthanasia. He also had severe deformity in the arms and legs.

A specialist had advised rescue workers that usually such cases require euthanasia. However, when some volunteers from Love and Second Chances saw the poor guy, they immediately could tell he had unusual determination and drive! They also remembered their previous experience with what seemed to be a hopeless case, when a dog named Batman was amazingly rehabilitated and is now living happily.

So, the team of dedicated rescue workers decided they would do all they can to give Chance a second “chance.”

The decision was made with full knowledge of how much love and support the little puppy needs during the process and despite the expense of seeing him through to recovery.Chance peacefully asleep

Thankfully, Chance is doing very well with his foster family and in his therapy sessions. He is full of life and love! However, he continues to depend on financial support for his lengthy recovery and so rescue workers are reaching out to dog lovers everywhere to help.

You can view Chance’s fundraising page with details of his injuries and recovery here:

Chance also has his own personal Facebook page:


Love and Second Chances is a rescue organization in Northern California that helps death-row, abused, neglected and homeless dogs find a loving forever home. They don’t discriminate by breed, age or special needs. They have a network of foster homes and consist of a team of compassionate people sharing the same goals of rescuing those who are voiceless and in need of a second chance at life.

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