Puppy Inspiring People as He Adapts to Life with Two Legs

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Duncan, a three-month-old boxer puppy, was born with severely deformed hind legs that were damaging his spine. Earlier this week the young puppy had his hind legs amputated, but Duncan didn’t let that slow him down. Soon after surgery he shocked and inspired many people as he walked around on just his front legs.

Duncan came to Panda Paws Rescue a week ago. The rescue specializes in helping animals with special needs. After an examination a veterinarian determined that not only were Duncan’s hind legs deformed but they would impact his spine and cause pain if not removed.

“Those legs caused damage to his spine, and would continue to until he is in excruciating pain, unless we made the decision to remove them,” said Panda Paws’ founder Amanda Giese. “He’s a happy, playful, pain-free, joyful and normal puppy in every other way.”




On Tuesday, Duncan went in for surgery to have both hind legs removed completely. The surgery went extremely well and Duncan was up and walking soon after. Although he had to relearn his balance, with the weight of his hind legs gone, the puppy seemed unfazed.

A day after the surgery Panda Paws posted a video on their Facebook showing just how well Duncan is getting around. The video soon received thousands of likes and shares as viewers were amazed and inspired by the young puppy’s perseverance.

Duncan still needs time to recover though, and will undergo physical therapy and hydrotherapy to help repair damage to his spine that had occurred from his legs. Once he is healed he will be fitted with a wheelchair.

Duncan’s spirit has already found him a home with Geise.

“It was love at first sight for our whole family and we couldn’t imagine the next 10-plus years without him bringing joy to our lives,” said Geise. “We are very blessed and feel like we won the dog lottery with this amazing baby.”



8 thoughts on “Puppy Inspiring People as He Adapts to Life with Two Legs”

  1. I think those having him, need to be as objective as possible, when it comes to him being happy in the future. This is not a normal way of life for a dog, and it will take away the opportunity to do a lot of what his instincts tells him to do. And also what usually makes a dog happy, satisfied and feeling safe, such as running wild with others, “hunting” birds, leafs, shadows and other fun stuff and meet dogs using a clear bodylanguage. I want say this is wrong, but I do say that the happiness of the dog must come over ours. And how cute he might be, its important to really see him. To be honest whether he`s truly happy, also in the future. Otherwise I wish him and his family best of luck, and a very happy and good future <3

    • I have to somewhat agree with you because that was my first instinct as well. When I saw the video, I softened a little. I wish the puppy a life of love.

    • I didn’t see a happy pup just a compliant one. Dogs want to please us so much that they will put the well being of master above their own. Just one of the many endearing qualities we love so much about our dogs. That said, a wheelchair is mandatory and I’m not sure why he doesn’t already have one given they are a rescue for special needs dogs.

  2. I have to disagree with Kristen’s comment above. I am in rescue and have come across a few dogs that have had both rear legs amputated and their quality of life is amazing. They do run, they do play an aren’t slow at all. If amputating saved his life, those involved in the decision making factored in his ability to adapt. It happens quite frequently in rescue. I can assure you, he will be beyond happy. Additionally, it’s to his benefit that this happened at such a young age becuase his other bones will strengthen as he continues to grow. Happy life sweet boy, I have no worries for you!

    • Agreed, this guy will do well with a wheelchair, no different than any other dog unable to use legs that are present. Why not let the owners do what they can for their baby boy, and trust that they know best. Better yet, take another look at the video and tell me this little guy does not deserve the chance.

  3. I truly hope I get to see him when he gets his chair!! Brave beautiful boy and so lucky to have a loving and wonderful family that, I have no doubt whatsoever, will see he lives a full and happy life. THANK YOU!!

  4. Hurray Duncan! Thank goodness there are kind hearted folks like you who are able to give this wonderful dog the medical attention he needs. Bless you, and thanks for sharing Duncan’s incredible spirit with us.


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