Dog Found Wandering in the Woods Barely Able to Walk

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shrek1Shrek was discovered on some farmland with fur so matted and caked in mud that he no longer looked like a dog, but like a creature from a swamp. Now with medical care and fresh hair cut Shrek is looking like a dog again and learning to be loved.

Brenda Gough and her husband discovered Shrek near some farmland in Ontario.

“One morning after a horrible rainstorm, my husband spied what looked like an old carpet or a dead coyote in the field near the bush,” said Gough. “He was very terrified, shaking horribly, and we couldn’t tell if he was ill or injured, only that he couldn’t run very far because the matts were not only so heavy, they had caked his legs together.”

Gough took the dog to the Park Road Veterinary Clinic where they shaved off more than 3.5 pounds of matted fur and cleaned Shrek up. Underneath all that matted fur was an adorable poodle.

Shrek had obviously been treated poorly for a long time and he will take some time learning to be loved. He is living with the Goughs and they are already seeing progress.

“He is more comfortable with other dogs than with people, although he is learning that snuggling on the couch, warm and dry, loved by children and family, is actually pretty awesome,” explained Gough.


As word spread of Shrek’s story it helped save several other dogs. A tip came in leading to the rescue of 12 more dogs being kept in horrible conditions at a puppy mill near where Shrek was found

15 thoughts on “Dog Found Wandering in the Woods Barely Able to Walk”

  1. First, I love the name. Thank you to the Gough family for what they did and are doing. Shrek looks adorable. The fact that this led to saving 12 dogs from a puppy mill is awesome. Let’s hope the person/people that ran the mill get a long long jail sentence and fines.

  2. I have a rescue Lab who was found wandering after he had been attacked by a mountain lion. It always warms my heart when I read a story about another dog in need being rescued! Thank you so much Gough family for your very kind heart!

  3. How is it possible that these puppy mills continue to exist? Can someone please explain this to me? Once they are identified they should be shut down immediately, the dogs rescued, and the owners put in jail for LIFE! Without serious consequences these monsters continue to treat God’s creatures with unimaginable cruelty.

    • I wonder if a lot of puppy mills are at out of the way places, on farms and the like, so that they’re not really visible to the general public and the authorities who would shut them down. Sadly, a lot of these puppy mills are run by the Mennonite community which apparently does not consider them to be cruel.


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