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Puppy Missing for Two Months Reunited with Owners

by Katherine

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In May, Kenny Erickson from Asa Grande, Ariz., came home to find that Lexi, a 4-month-old, female, blue-nosed pit bull puppy had been stolen from his backyard. Two months later, after posting fliers, contacting the police, and looking for the dog, Lexi was found and reunited with her rightful owners.

When Lexi was taken, Erickson and his girlfriend Ashley sprung into action. They took to the streets searching for Lexi but unfortunately didn’t find her.

Lexi reunited with her owner Kenny Erickson
Lexi reunited with her owner Kenny Erickson

Months later they received a call they were not expecting.

“Someone called us and told us they knew of somebody who was trying to get rid of a pit bull and the description matched pretty closely to ours,” Ashley told ABC 15.

The couple contacted the person that was getting rid of the dog and they scheduled a meeting to meet the puppy.

“We acted like we were just one of those people looking for a dog,” said Ashley.

After gaining the trust of the seller, the couple discovered the truth of where this puppy – who looked just like Lexi – came from. The seller told Erickson and Ashley she had stolen the dog a few months back.

Without loosing any time, Erickson contacted police and informed authorities they had found the person that had stolen their pet. Police investigated and learned that in fact the puppy was Lexi.

Erickson and Ashley are glad they finally have their dog back. They are being more careful with their animals when the pets are left in their yard.

The dog thief is being charged with possession of stolen property.