Dog Survives Two Months in Arizona Desert

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lilyIly is a survivor. After a deadly car accident, Ily ran off. She then spent two months missing in the Arizona desert before volunteers were finally able to bring her home safely.

In late June, Ily was in a car accident with her owner and another dog. Both Ily and her own went through the windshield. The other dog didn’t survive. A frightened Ily fled the scene of the accident and no one could find her.

Rose Sherman, Ily’s owner, is still recovering from the accident and has to use a wheelchair to get around. Over the past two months while she’s been recovering she been hopeful that Ily will come home.

Volunteers searched the area near the crash scene looking for Ily for almost two months. There was no sign of her, until last week. Witnesses saw two dogs traveling together only about three miles from the scene of the accident. So volunteers took turn and patiently waited by a cage they had baited with chicken. Then finally they had Ily.

“We heard some clanking noises,” said volunteers Lynn Drewniany and Guy Bownman. “And then there was a bark.”

They sent a picture to Sharman and she happily confirmed that they in fact had found and caught Ily.

Ily had lost almost half of her weight over the two months she spent in the desert. Ily was underweight in dehydrated, but otherwise doing well. It was a happy reunion for both Ily and Sharman when they finally saw each other again.

“She jumped in my lap and wagged her tail and started crying,” said Sharman.

Sharman is incredibly grateful to all the volunteers who worked for two months to bring Ily home.

“Thank you isn’t enough,” said Sharman. “It’s just not enough.”

No one is quite sure how Ily survived two months in the desert, but she found a friend in a stray dog that has been nicknamed Buddy. Sharman believes that was the key to Ily’s survival. Buddy has also been caught and is currently up for adoption at the Maricopa Animal Care and Control.

5 thoughts on “Dog Survives Two Months in Arizona Desert”

  1. What would be an even better ending to this story? If they can figure out some way that Buddy can join Lily and Rose… now that would be pawsome! Buddy can help fill the void left behind by her other dog who died in the crash. [fingers crossed]

    • MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW GRATEFUL IS ROSE TO HAVE LILY BACK, BUDDY SAVED HER LIFE MOST LIKELY & SHE DOESN’T TAKE HIM IN WITH HER??? -she is in a wheelchair i understand that, but still… i had the same thought, that is what I came to comment, but you beat me to it! 😉

    • but yeah, glad lily is home safe, & everyone is ok, meant to say that, also… maybe if buddy doesn’t find a home, Rose will consider bringing him into the fold, before it is too late… some people just don’t realize the shelter is 90% of the time, literally a death sentence =(


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