Puppy rescued from a tree

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mapleThe Michigan Humane Society got an interesting call the other day. Usually when there’s a call about an animal in a tree, it’s for a cat. This time though a puppy was found living in a tree on the west side of Detroit.

The four-month-old puppy, who has been named Maple, was keeping warm from the harsh winter weather by making the inside of a hollowed-out tree her own personal dog house. “The weather is getting a little bit colder and basically the dog turned the tree into a dog house,” said Chris Ouwerker with the Michigan Humane Society. “Dogs are pretty smart.”

Maple is a pit/shepherd mix, and with her short coat probably would not have survived in the cold weather much longer. Maple was thrilled to see her rescuers and ran towards them with a wagging tail. Maple is now out of the harsh cold weather and in good care. She is currently recovering from an upper respiratory infection and in foster care. Once she is healthy she will be up for adoption at the Michigan Humane Society.