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Puppy Rescued from Bottom of Unused City Incinerator

by Katherine

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On June 19, 2014, Cincinnati firefighters came to the rescue of a two-month-old, mixed breed dog found by Public Services worker John Peoples at the bottom of an unused city garbage incinerator.

“When I came to work [that] morning at six, I heard a dog crying,” Peoples told Local 12 News.

Puppy rescued from 40-foot pit.
Puppy rescued from 40-foot pit.


The city worker followed the sound of the crying dog and at the bottom of the 40-foot incinerator, he found a small dog scared to death.

“I looked over the pit and I seen the little dog walking around in the pit, and I called to it and it ran under a skid and hid there,” continued Peoples.

Immediately the man called authorities and local firefighters, along the ASPCA, were dispatched to rescue the pet.

A firefighter was hoisted down the incinerator to retrieve the dog. Once brought to safety, the pet was taken to the ASPCA facility where it was looked over by a veterinarian and found in good health.

It is unknown how the puppy ended up at the bottom of the pit, but the good news is that she was rescued and now has a chance to be adopted and to learn what love is.