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Puppy Stolen From Shelter Recovered By Police


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Last Tuesday should have been a happy day for Opie. A new family had just signed papers to adopt him when the pit bull puppy was stolen from the shelter.

Dave O’Connor came to the Tri-City Animal Shelter in Fremont, California last Tuesday and fell in love with Opie. He and his fiancée had already signed the adoption papers when they got some bad news later in the day. Opie had been stolen from the shelter. “I was in total shock,” said O’Connor. “I couldn’t believe that somebody would do that, come in and take a puppy like that.”

Police quickly got to work tracking Opie down. They soon came across a Craigslist ad selling the puppy for hundreds of dollars. The detectives working the case set up a sting to but Opie and met with the thieves on Thursday. As Opie was handed over by thieves officers detained two men who were responsible for stealing Opie from the shelter.

The 19-year-old man and his juvenile accomplice went into the shelter on Tuesday and took Opie from his kennel then hopped the fence of the shelter and fled. The quick work of the Police had Opie at home with the O’Connor family on Friday.

O’Connor is grateful for the police’s efforts to get Opie back. “We had hoped for the best as a family, but with everything going on in the world we figured he was probably low priority,” O’Connor said.  “They did a great job.”