4 thoughts on “Left Behind: Chihuahua Pulled from Eviction Site”

  1. I follow this woman on her Facebook page. Emma cleft palate chihuahua. She is an amazing woman that will do anything at anytime to help an animal in need. Cecilia was rescued from a telephone call at 5:30 am. She has arranged puppies to be shipped cross country to be in her care. She has purchased puppies that were being sold from a box, she has saved dogs that were being thrown away. She is an angel. Thank you, Libby, for your work, your soul, your kind heart…

  2. I cannot comprehend what kind of monsters would leave ANY dog behind.

    I hope they find these bastards and prosecute them.

    Thank God Ceceilia had a good samartian looking over her. God Bless you.


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