Puppy Theft Caught on Camera

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Nassau County police are seeking information regarding the man seen in the following video. Surveillance video shows a customer stealing a Pomeranian puppy by stuffing it in his pants at Zoo-Rama pets in Elmont, NY.

Do you recognize the suspect? If so, please contact the Nassau County Police at (516) 573-6500.

3 thoughts on “Puppy Theft Caught on Camera”

  1. I’m not defending keeping animals in cages, but I bought my pom for $1300 because I don’t have the time to drive and find a breeder and I don’t want to get a dog from a shelter betting on the off chance that the dog wouldn’t harm my child because of past abusive owners. My pom is very healthy at 8 years old now.

    • A pom that could harm your child? are you kidding me- Your whole post sounds like a huge cop out. You support the abuse of breeding dogs by your purchase, proud of yourself??


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