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Puppy Training to be Therapy Dog Receives Prosthetic Paw

by Melanie

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2.22.13 Prosthetic Paw
Doris Muse and Lily


Lily, the golden retriever puppy was born without a front paw, but she can run, jump and play just like most other dogs.  The little fluff-ball is full of personality, and puts a smile on the face of anyone who meets her.

“It’s just lots of fun, she’s so playful all the time,” said therapy patient Doris Muse.

The three-month-old dog is in training to become a therapy dog in Bristol, Virginia.  She will be a support and a beacon to patients who are learning to use their own artificial limbs.

“We actually here, get many people like that, who have had amputations, and are learning to walk on prosthetics ,” said occupational therapist Heather Mullin.  “I really wanted to get a pet that could work alongside with me that could help my patients.  She did seem like the perfect choice.”

Just recently, Lily was given a prosthetic paw that will help her walk.

“It’s challenging.  We’ve done one for a cow – my dad and I did one years ago – and it worked out pretty good,” said prosthetist Will Graybeal.

But this is not a forced decision.  Lily has been fitted with the prosthetic paw, but it will be up to her whether or not she wants to wear it.  Of course, it will take some getting used to.