Russian Fishermen Rescue Dog Stranded on Ice Floe

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Siberia is a cold and dangerous place to be stranded in the winter.  Fishermen in the port of Magadan in the Sea of Okhotsk spotted a dog trapped on a chunk of ice, and knew they couldn’t leave him there to suffer.  One fisherman braved the icy water to save him.


No one knows how the dog came to be marooned in the sea, but thanks to these compassionate fishermen, he will hopefully stay safe on dry land.

6 thoughts on “Russian Fishermen Rescue Dog Stranded on Ice Floe”

  1. He won’t get home because he has no home. Those were all village dogs. Once he was rescued they just let him go. Thats the way it is there. The animals generally fend for themselves.

  2. Wow. The filming of this was outstanding, almost like a documentary! Glad the poor dog was rescued. Wish there was a different ending like he found a warm home. He sure was cute!


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