Purina Yanks Tainted Treats off Shelves

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Nestle Purina PetCare is taking Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch off the market after the Chinese-manufactured products were discovered to contain trace amounts of antibiotic residue.  Milo’s Kitchen is also recalling their Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats.

The poultry antibiotics have been approved through European Union and Chinese regulations, but not by the US.  Both companies said the treats do not pose any risks to pets, but are still pulling them from shelves, since they obviously should not contain antibiotics.  Even though there are no known risks, the fact that they were detected in samples of the treats by the New York State Department of Agriculture makes them unable to meet US standards.  Milo’s kitchen said the chemicals “should not be present in the final food product.”

US federal regulators are also looking into the numerous complaints that jerky treats, particularly chicken strips, are making pets ill, and even causing many to die.  So far, 360 deaths have been reported, as well as thousands of illnesses.  The chief complaint is kidney failure.  Other symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.

Though the complaints number in the thousands, the FDA has been unable to conclusively link any one treat, chicken jerky or otherwise, to pet illnesses.  This may be partially due to Chinese companies’ unwillingness to allow for more comprehensive testing.  The fact that the treats are allowed to be sold despite the refusal for more stringent regulations is unsettling to many pet owners.

As always, pet owners are reminded to be wary of what they are feeding their pets.  Even many supposedly American-made treats are misleading – the packaging may be manufactured in the US, and the treats produced elsewhere.


9 thoughts on “Purina Yanks Tainted Treats off Shelves”

  1. Can you please tell me where these treats have been sold that are making the dogs sick or is it all of the treats throughout the United States?

    • all over the United States, all kinds of different brands also. If you have the chicken jerkey, get rid of it.

  2. Please please please take this seriously. We lost our 4 year old baby Miyah on August 8th to kidney failure because of these treats. By the time you notice any symptoms for most, it is too late. $2,000 dollars later she died only eight weeks after she stopped eating which was our first sign. If you have been using these treats, have your vet do a blood test at your pets next visit, you can not cure kidney failure but with early detection you can prolong your pets life. I only wish we would have known………..

  3. Years ago, our vet told us to never give our dogs treats, toys or food that was made in China. We have followed that advice to the letter. God bless our vet.

    It has been frustrating sometimes, especially Purina, who does not make it clear from where their product comes.

  4. Just 2 weeks ago I called Purina to ask where their treats are made, since their packages don’t give that information. I was told ALL Purina treats are made in the USA! Obviously you can’t trust some manufacturers to tell the truth. If it doesn’t say “product of the USA” (not just packaged here), don’t buy it if you love your pet.


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