Quebec City’s Decision to Ban Pit Bulls Sparks Adorable but Poignant Protests

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Do any of these pictures seem a little strange to you?  Yes, these pit bulls are incognito, and it’s for a very good reason.  Quebec City has decided to ban pit bulls, and has given its residence about six months to become compliant.  Along with A LOT of outrage, there are many people taking a more… creative (?) approach to handling things.


An ad on a popular Canadian classifieds site called Kijiji, people have even posted “camouflage imitation poodle wear” offerings, hoping to disguise the true breed of your dog.  For those interested, there are apparently both lavender and pink options available, and all are machine washable.


Unfortunately, Quebec City will join a host of other North American states and provinces that already have adopted breed-specific legislation, and can be added to the list of places that have grossly misunderstood this breed from day one.


Ontario enacted breed specific legislation back in 2005.  Although the rules are not as staunch as the ones out of Quebec City, they have been about as ineffective as can be.  Regardless of the muzzle and sterilization laws, the number of dog bites has not at all gone down.  This seems to be exactly the case for almost every city that has enacted these laws from the get go.


Hopefully, more and more people will wise up and begin to understand that a lot of the time, these dogs are ONLY violent and dangerous because stupid humans make them that way.  The author of this article was TERRIFIED of pit bulls at first, but thanks to his lovely wife and mother-in-law and their pit bulls, he now has a better understanding of just how big of a baby they can be, and how silly as well.  If raised, trained, and socialized properly, they can be the single best dogs you will ever welcome into your family.


Special thanks to The Dodo for sharing this article and photos.  To see the original article,click here.


5 thoughts on “Quebec City’s Decision to Ban Pit Bulls Sparks Adorable but Poignant Protests”

  1. If pit bulls had originated in France, or could speak French, Quebec would allow them, and whole heartedly welcome them.

  2. All dogs can kill a cat or small animal if given the chance. We had german shepherds that killed cats and squirrels when they got in our yard. It’s just their hunting instinct. They died of old age. We have a pit bull mix now. He is really sweet. Got a baby bunny the other day. He didn’t even know what to do with it.

  3. If I lived there I would open a business of training these dogs to accept cats and to be excellent ( as most are ) around people. This would then give the legislation NO REASON to ban this breed !!!!! Make it mandatory to engage in this schooling for the dogs. ALL of the more dangerous breeds, such as Rotties, Dobies and German Shepherds as well as others. Beat them at their own game !!!!!!! I own a GSD and my daughter owns 2 Pitties and a Husky, ALL are sweet and loving !!!!!!! Both my daughter and myself have cats so was just what they grew up playing with.There is always ways to counter such laws !!!!!! Just need some willing to set things up……

  4. I can understand the thinking here it’s the same as guns don’t kill people kill.. take away the dogs from society and that should lessen the bites. However it is sad because all dogs are aggressive. The legislators have decided to eliminate the one dog that can do the most damage.


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