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Quick Thinking from Hotel Manager Saves Little Dog’s Life from Elevator Accident

by Fred

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The video of the incident is brief, but heroic none the less.  A hotel manager was walking into a corridor near some elevators just in time to see a dog on a leash that was stuck in the elevator, and the elevator starts going up.  Thankfully he got there when he did, or this story may have had a very different outcome.

The general manager of the Rodeway Inn, in Greenville, South Carolina was coming into work one day when he saw two dogs in the hall by some elevators.  One of the dogs had a collar and leash on, but there was no human anywhere to be found.  That’s when he noticed the leash attached to the one dog’s collar.

Quicker than a flash, the leash starts to pull the dog towards the elevator doors.  It didn’t take the manager long to figure out what was going on.  He sprang to action, and grabbed the struggling dog as it was being pulled up by the elevator.

After a bit of a struggle, and not before getting a good scratch and bit from the terrified dog, the manager gets the collar free of the dog, and the dog was saved.  He stuck around to make sure that there was no serious injuries sustained, and to see the dog back to his human.

“Dog wandered off elevator.  I happened to walk out at the right time and save the dog’s life.  In fact, he scratched me pretty good on my face.  I don’t blame him – it was pretty scary,” he said.