Rainforest Rescue Duo: Charlie and Pacho

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An unusual pair of furry friends greet visitors to the ExplorNapo Lodge: Charlie (a capybara) was rescued after a family killed his mother for meat. Pacho was abandoned as a three week old, two pound puppy and was nursed back to health at the lodge, where the pair met and formed an unlikely friendship. 

Now the two pass their time together in the Peruvian rainforest, cuddling beneath the stairs of the lodge’s dining hall at night when temps drop, or finding adventures by day as they wander the grounds of the lodge. The pair have lived together for nearly three years now, and they are inseparable – choosing to swim, sleep and even eat together.

Tourist Jo Piazza captured this video during a recent visit to Peru.

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12 thoughts on “Rainforest Rescue Duo: Charlie and Pacho”

  1. omd! charlie is the coolest looking guy ever. love how he wiggles his ears! and those big clunky feet. smitten. <3

  2. We just loved how Pacho kept looking back and waiting for Charlie. What a cute pair. We have never heard of a capybara. Very interesting.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. How wonderful! Animals have this delightful way of be completely open to companionship/friendship. Humans need to really take notice and learn a valuable lesson from them!


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