A Glimpse Inside A Chance for Bliss

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Featured as our November rescue of the month, A Chance for Bliss and its residents left a lasting impression with many of our readers, and with good reason: Offering dignity and compassion to older and often disabled animals, David “Woody” Bartley and his wife Deanna have carved out a little slice of heaven for those cast-offs fortunate enough to end up in their care.

Thanks to a little help from some Hollywood talent, they have released a new, in-depth video that takes a closer look at the rescue and introduces the viewer to some of the natives. Well worth the time required to take it in,  A Glimpse Inside A Chance for Bliss reminds us what is possible when thoroughly dedicated animal lovers roll up their sleeves and open their hearts.

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10 thoughts on “A Glimpse Inside A Chance for Bliss”

  1. Amazing what the Bartleys are doing Chance for Bliss is amazing and I am sure all the animals are so grateful to them.

  2. Deanna and Woody are wonderful people. In 2008 my best friend and dog rescue partner Sherre died suddenly and I was left with 25 dogs to find homes for in less then two weeks. I had help with the healthy dogs but then there was Chico and senior Chihuahua who had seziures and was on medication. It was killing me to think that I might have to put him down. I came home to a message on my machine from Deanna at A Chance For Bliss asking if she could help. She offered to take Chico in right away I was so relieved. When I say Chico in the video playing with a toy on the couch I cried. He looks amazing and I have been told that he has not had another seziure since coming to them and is no longer on medication. Please share this video with as many people as possible. The animals need Deanna and Woody.

    • Deborah, That would be wonderful. It would mean so much to me and also Sherre’s husband Don. Chico was one of his favorite rescue dogs and if he could have cared for him Chico would still be there. I have never met anyone like Deanna and Woody before they are so amazing and the love they give all the animals is so special. If you would like you can email me at [email protected]. I have recently decided to try and start the rescue up again. I can’t do it on a large scale like Sherre did but if I can save even one dog it’s worth it.

  3. Beautiful….nothing more beautiful really..

    Bevely…that is so sad about your friend…but so happy for Chico ! <3

  4. Thanks Ginny, I knew A Chance For Bliss was the right place for Chico the minute I got there. What they have built is exactly the place Sherre always dreamed of creating. I wish I lived closer so I could spend time volunteering for them myself, since I can’t I try to spread the word about them as much as I can hoping they will get more donations

  5. Deborah, I would love to see a picture of Chico. It would mean so much to Sherre’s husband to get to see how he’s doing. I would love to go and visit him at ACFB but I work so much. You can send the picture to [email protected]. Thank you so much Deborah you have no idea how much this means to both Don and I


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