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This is our standard poodle, Buddy. Buddy didn’t come from a “classic puppy mill” but rather from someone who’s breeding skills and ability to pay proper attention to the puppies days had passed them by. When we took him home on May 8, 2010 Buddy was totally shell shocked, afraid of everyone and everything. I can not possibly describe how unsocial he was. I guess that easily happens when being kept in a cage/crate.

Everyone advised me to “bring this dog back” and “he’s not for your family.” One of the greatest things I have have done in my life is NOT listening to well intentioned people.

I tell you with hard work and alot of love Buddy is the absolute perfect dog for our family. He is part of our family. Never give up on a dog, their live depends on it.  -Joe
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Indy was adopted through a Corgi rescue group. How could we resist Indiana Jones? Already he had our last name and was waiting for us to find him! – P. Jones

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Evie is my latest rescue dog and was only 21 pounds when she was pulled from the shelter the day she was going to be euthanized. Four years later she is healthy, happy and loving her yogurt. She also has her own website to help other needy animals. – Romy Maimon

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3 thoughts on “Reader Rescues”

  1. RESCUE – it’s the only way to go!!!
    I also rescued a dog who came from a “breeder” – not puppy mill – and he had absolutely NO SOCIAL SKILLS at all… didn’t even know how to eat out of a bow. He was 9 months old when I got him, and afraid of his own shadow. It takes time and patience, but today, 6 months later, he’s a different dog… a little “quirky” – but otherwise awesome!

  2. Thank you readers, for your rescues, Love Indy as I am a Corgi fan. Am getting my next dog from someone who finally admitted she cant take care of him any longer. At last it seems people are turning to rescues more. Didn’t the First Lady just bring a rescue dog home ?

  3. I, also got a dog that was taken away from a breeder. He was 6 months old when I got him. He is a German Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. He was SO unsocialised. He didn’t know how to climb stairs or to look you in the eyes. I have had him for 7 years and he is the love of my life. Yes, he still is scared of alot of things, but so am I. He is the most loving guy we have ever met and the sweetest thing… just takes some extra time for him to deal with things, but it is well worth it. He is the best companion dog we have ever had. Beau and I are SO lucky to have found each other.


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