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Real-Life Lassie Tale for Dog and 82-Year-Old Woman

by Fred

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When Rimma Bulatova got herself lost while walking in the woods near her home, she knew that there was one thing to do.  She sent her dog out to get help, and Bulatova was rescued.

Bulatova left her home around 4 pm with her dog Raia.  When family members noticed that she and the dog were still not home, they began to worry.

The family went out in search of their missing family member, but were unable to locate her.  That’s right around when the dog came home, without Bulatova.  This prompted the family to call the police.

“The dog is a very reliable dog,” said family member Marina Antoch.  “She never received any special training but she’s just smart.”

The family and police searched the woods near to the home.  There are many steep drops and swiftly moving creeks on the property, and her family was starting to fear the worst.  That’s when Raia stepped in.

The dog lead searchers to where Bulatova was sitting, unharmed and awaiting rescue.  The dog lead them straight to her, so one could say that a rescued dog finally got a chance to return the favor.

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