Reggie Comforts Victims of Violent Crimes

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Reggie is a Victim Advocacy dog, comforting victims of violent crimes.

In the Sacramento County Courthouse in Sacramento, CA, Reggie heads to work. He has to go through the metal detector just like everyone else entering the courthouse. Reggie is a certified therapy dog and offers comfort to victims of violent crimes during the court process.

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Reggie and his handler, Tatiana Morfas, enter the Sacramento County Courthouse.

Not everyone is happy to have Reggie around. Defense attorneys have filed motion after motion objecting to Reggie’s involvement in the process. They believe that having Reggie sitting with the victim during his/her testimony gives an unfair and biased advantage to the prosecution. They say that it makes the victim more sympathetic and influences the jury in favor of the victim.

Until those motions have been ruled on, Reggie will continue to go to work every day, doing his part to help simply by being there with his big fluffy head and beautiful, soulful, understanding eyes.