Report Links Shelter Workers to Dog Fighting Rings

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The Memphis Animal Shelter is no stranger to controversy, and a new 22-page report by the Memphis Rotary Club’s Animal Shelter Evaluation Committee alleges that shelter employees have ties to area dog fighting rings.

Mayor A C Wharton reviewed the report and said he was turning it over to the district attorney’s office immediately. “I’m a pet lover, it hits me emotionally,” said Mayor Wharton. Wharton said he hopes that the disctrict attorney will subpoena shelter employees in order to identify those engaged in any form(s) of animal abuse.

The Rotary report recommended a public education campaign about dogfighting in order to correct the city’s “attitude that animals are disposable.” The report also states that “The employees at every level, while not willing to say so on the record, will readily volunteer that there has been a relationship between certain individuals and the illicit dog-fighting rings in the community.”

8 thoughts on “Report Links Shelter Workers to Dog Fighting Rings”

  1. Well Memphis you should be so angry at your shelter workers that you all should demand justice. I hope that this horrible situation is brought to a conclusion and the people who are the crimminals are put in jail and that they never get out. To call yourself a shelter and then to harm those whom you are suppose to protect is unforgiveable. Start that shelter over with a proper staff. Make sure that they know that they will be held accountable for every life that passed through their hands. This is terrible.

  2. Some heads must roll here because when a shelter cannot protect unwanted animals what security have they got,its like running to the police for protection and they are the culprits,this is a very serious offence in my eyes and this scum should be made an example of.The Dogs in this shelter which are articles by law belong to the state so this scum have actually offended the state!Put them away for life they are rubbish now lets see what penalty the law will give them or maybe the dogs were used to entertain people in higher places!

  3. The Animal Legal Defence League may be able to help prosecute these low-lifes (where are these abusive shelters sourcing their staff from – state penitentiaries?) who must be banned for life from working with or owning animals. Serious abuse or neglect of an animal must be upgraded to a FELONY, not a mere misdemeanor. I saw a photograph on Facebook a few months ago of another horrific instance of abuse by shelter staff – it may have been Maripota Country Kentucky (I’m not certain if I recall the shelter correctly, though, so please repost anyone who knows it) – of a dog that had wet itself in terror as it was DRAGGED BY THE NECK using a metal ring and pole to the kill room. THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT ABANDONED PETS! Please lobby @BararkObama to clean up the US animal shelter systems – and please name and shame the abusive ones while generously supporting and assisting (eg walking dogs, donating food and warm pet clothing for those where it snows) the good ones we appreciate.

  4. They should be shut down until the offenders are found, then they should be treated to a fight with someone else and see how it feels to be hurt and bleeding and have other people cheering because they are injured and perhaps may be killed. Then, maybe, they would come to their senses and realize that animals have feelings too. Feeling like fear, pain, love. I could go on and on, but don’t have the time. PUT AN END TO ALL DOG FIGHTS FOREVER!! THIS SHOWS THESE PEOPLE DON’T RESPECT LIFE OF ANY KIND. THE ANIMALS WERE ALSO CREATED BY OUR DEAR GOD TO SHOW US UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE. MANY MORE SO CALLED ‘HUMAN BEINGS’ SHOULD PAY ATTENTION.


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