Reporters Thrown Out of Dog Auction, Threatened with Arrest

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dog auctionsDespite the public nature of the event, a producer and videographer working undercover for Channel 3 News were thrown out of an Ohio dog auction last week and threatened with arrest by a Holmes County Sheriff’s deputies if they did not leave the property.

“My question would be, if this is an auction you are so proud of in your county and these are all reputable breeders, why do you have a problem with with videos and audios coming into the auction?” said Mary O’Connor-Shaver, an animal rights activist determined to see dog auctions banned in Ohio.

“The major problem is that these dog auctions here in Holmes County are a major distribution channel for puppy mill breeding in the state of Ohio,” she said.

That assessment appears to be accurate: in fact, more than 450 dogs were auctioned off in a matter of hours.