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Rescue Dog Helps Sick Woman Have A Better Life


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peanutSherry Delacruz struggles with heart problems and depression. When doctors suggested she get a pet she found the perfect one in a rescue dog named Peanut. The two ended up rescuing each other.

A few weeks ago Delacruz had little to look forward to in her life.

“I stay depressed all the time, really sick…I’ve got heart problems, my heart is really bad,” said Delacruz.

Doctors thought a pet might help and suggested the idea to Delacruz. A friend got her in contact with Diamonds in the Ruff rescue which began searching for the perfect pet for her. Delacruz wanted a dog, but because of her medical condition she needed one under 10 pounds. She has a pacemaker and is unable to lift much weight.

The rescue couldn’t find a dog that fit her needs locally, but through Petfinder they located Peanut at the Scott County Humane Society in Gate City, Virginia.

Peanut had been abandoned in December. She had lost all of her hair due to mange. She is now healthy again and has found the perfect home with Delacruz. When the Scott County Humane Society got the request for Peanut and heard about Delacruz’s situation they gave Peanut to Delacruz for free.

Delacruz has only had Peanut for a little while, but the impact she has made is significant.

“When I got her on Friday…my life changed,” said Delacruz. “I go to the doctor, to the grocery store, and back…I don’t have anything to look forward to. With her, she’s going to be right there waiting on me and give me love and attention and I give her love and attention back. It has just brought joy to my life.”